Derma Rollers

The microneedle derma roller is an effective tool to help you combat all of the skin problems including stretch marks, cellulite treatment, acne scars, wrinkle treatment, anti aging, hair loss treatment and hair regrowth.  It reaches the inner surface of skin to repair and restore the skin. It also helps your skin care products absorbed better.
With normal application of skin care products (serums & creams), the nutrients have difficulty penetrating the outer layers of the skin.  The derma roller helps the penetration of your skin care products by hundred times.  This amazing beauty tool stimulates the skin's natural healing abilities and the collagen production by opening pores (micro channels) without any damage and no side effects. 

The micro needle derma roller uses 192 titanium alloy needles (some models use only stainless steel needles) . 
There are also derma rollers which use 540 disc titanium needles.