EFFICIENT® Keratin Hair Building Fibers Regular Size 1 month supply 12g / 0.42oz.

Don't let thin hair and baldness cause any more aggravation! These artificial hair fibers are textured to look exactly like your natural hair.

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Worried about your hair loss, tired of using products that promise results and never give? Or wait 6 to12 months to see the poor results of a shampoo, lotion or pills? The Solution is EFFICIENT.

EFFICIENT is a cosmetic hair, not a treatment or a shampoo. You can use it whenever you want, the application is simple, you just have to apply the product in areas where you're losing more hair.

The product is made of keratin which is the major protein in the composition of our nails, EFFICIENT so it has no side effects, is also fully compatible with any treatment, even when you are applying MINOXIDIL.

It is capable of concealing bald spots and thinning areas of your scalp instantly.
EFFICIENT Hair Fibers can combat BOTH male and female hair loss.

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